Please see the Patient information leaflets for detailed information on the I-BiT Plus study which tells you about our current system.   

The trial will run at 4 centres across the country. These are Nottingham University Hospitals (Queen's Campus), Cambridge University Hospitals, University Hospital of North Midlands (Stoke-on-Trent) and Moorfields Eye Hospital.
We will be recruiting from current patients who attend one of these centres, and who fall into the inclusion criteria (they must have the sort of 'lazy eye' that we think could be helped by our treatment).
Patients must also be aged between 3 1/2 and 12 years old and the parent/carer must be happy to have the computer system set up in their home for around 6 weeks.
Patients can ask for more information during their routine visit or contact us using the details below, but the results of their Orthoptic assessment will determine whether or not they are eligible.
The I-BiT Plus system is not yet available as a private treatment. At the moment we can only provide this treatment as part of our ongoing clinical trials. The reason for this is that the system does not yet have approval as a medical device.
Like all the devices used in medicine it will need to be licensed and for this to be approved we have to submit evidence of the usefulness and safety of the treatment for amblyopia. In the meantime we can use the device only as part of a medical trial, and there are strict criteria for recruitment of patients on these trials.

If you would like to contact a member of the research team, please email IBIT or, if you prefer, you can contact the
Clinical Investigator / Research Orthoptist, Rebecca Brown,
directly on 07812 270155 or 0115 970 9750.